Safe and sustainable transport for rural communities
Safe and sustainable transport for rural communities

This section of the website provides you with information on upcoming, current and closed Tenders. For transparency purposes, the Contracts Awarded section provides an overview of awarded contracts since the start of the ReCAP programme on 1 August 2014. 

Please see the special notice on unsolicited proposals at the bottom. 

Tender documentation

To request tender documentation, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating the project Project code (see first column).

Tenders (Closed)

Project CodeTitleClosing DateEstimated BudgetCountryDurationStatus
KEN2040A Design Support and Site Supervision for construction of a 4.5 km Trial Section on D484 Kianjai Miathene Mikinduri in Meru County, Kenya 22/08/2016 £75,000 Kenya 12 months Closed
UGA2096A Baseline survey of past and current road sector research undertakings in Uganda and establishment of electronic document management system (EDMS) 29/08/2016 £90,000 Uganda 8 months Closed
RAF2079A Transport Sector Leadership Development Programme 12/09/2016 £230,000 Regional Africa 10 MONTHS Closed
ETH2051C Monitoring and Evaluation of Low Volume Roads Trial Sections in Ethiopia 26/09/2016 £100,000 Ethiopia 2 years Closed
MOZ2094A Protocols for Improving the Proficiency of Material Testing Laboratories in Mozambique 26/09/2016 £86,000 Mozambique 12 months Closed
PAK2111A Scoping Study for Pakistan 20/10/2016 £55,000 Pakistan 10 weeks Closed
TAN2098A Long Term Pavement Performance Monitoring of Existing Trial Sections and Implementation of Regional Guidelines for Establishing and Monitoring Trial Sections in Tanzania 22/11/2016 £160,000 Tanzania 72 weeks Closed
RAF2109A Evaluation of the Effect of Road Condition on the Quality of Agricultural Produce 28/11/2016 £390,000 Regional Africa 42 weeks Closed
GHA2065B Alternative surfacing for steep hill sections in Ghana – Phase 2 12/12/2016 £550,000 Ghana 36 months Closed
KMN2075C Organising an introductory webinar on the topic of Motorcycle Taxis in the Rural Context in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia 16/12/2016 £15,000 General 11 Weeks Closed
DRC2112A Development of a Strategic Plan for the Establishment of Sustainable Road Research Capacity in the Research Division of Offices des Routes (OdR) in the DRC 30/01/2017 £100,000 Democratic Republic of Congo 24 weeks Closed
NEP2071D Developing Participation Approaches to Roadside Protection for Rural Roads in Nepal - Phase II 13/02/2017 £650,000 Nepal 36 months Closed
ZAM2059B Establishment of Pilot Tractor Technology Demonstration-Training Unit (DTU) to implement tractor-based road maintenance approaches in Zambia 27/02/2017 £170,000 Zambia 24 months Closed
RAF2116A Development of a Low Volume Roads Design Manuals and Update of the Standard Specifications and detailed drawings for the three AfCAP member countries in West Africa 20/03/2017 £380,000 Regional Africa 12 months Closed
MAL2125A Development and support to the implementation of a Strategic Plan for the Establishment of Sustainable Road Research Capacity in Malawi 24/04/2017 £110,000 Malawi 6 months Closed
ZAM2060B Development of Pavement and Geometric Design Standards for Low Volume Roads (Rural and Urban) in Zambia 24/04/2017 £120,000 Zambia 10 months Closed
RAF2114A Enhancing understanding on safe motorcycle and three-wheeler use for rural transport and the implications for appropriate training and regulatory frameworks 03/05/2017 £280,000 Regional Africa 12 months Closed
RAF2115A Development and Recommendations for alternative surfacings for low volume roads in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia 05/06/2017 £230,000 Regional Africa One Year Closed
RAF2128A Evaluation of cost effectiveness and value-for-money of DCP-DN pavement design method for low-volume roads in comparison with conventional designs 14/08/2017 £60,000 Regional Africa 12 weeks Closed
MAL2007E Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Monitoring and Evaluation of Low Volume Road Sections in Malawi 21/08/2017 £160,000 Malawi 30 months Closed
GEN2033C Status Review of the Updated Rural Access Index (RAI) 22/09/2017 £120,000 Global / Inter-Regional 4 months Closed
SLE2129A Pilot Study to collect more robust accident data for Sierra Leone 16/10/2017 £130,000 Sierra Leone 6 month Closed
GEN2132A Capacity Building and Mentorship for the Establishment and Implementation of Monitoring & Evaluation Programmes on Experimental and Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) sections in Six AfCAP Countries 04/12/2017 £200,000 Regional Africa 24 months Closed
LIB2135A Rural Mobility and Socio-Economic Baseline Pilot Study in Liberia 18/12/2017 £155,000 Liberia 8 months Closed
KMN2131A Retaining Rural Access knowledge of experienced rural transport sector experts 15/01/2018 £65,000 Knowledge Management and Communication 7 months Closed
GEN2136A The interaction between improved rural infrastructure access and rural transport service provision 24/01/2018 £360,000 Global / Inter-Regional 24 months Closed
KMN2113A Enhancing the sustainability of the ReCAP Rural Access Library 26/02/2018 £40,000 Knowledge Management and Communication 6 months Closed
KMN2140A Scoping study for a ReCAP Massive Open Online Course (or MOOC series) 19/03/2018 £60,000 Global / Inter-Regional 7 months Closed
KMN2141A Brand Audit – Review of the ReCAP, AsCAP and AfCAP brands 09/04/2018 £0 Global / Inter-Regional 4 months Closed
MAL2144A Preparation of Manual for provision of low volume roads in Malawi 30/04/2018 £120,000 Malawi 9 months Closed
UGA2148A Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Monitoring and Evaluation of Low Volume Road Sections in Uganda 02/07/2018 £130,000 Uganda 24 months Closed
GEN2033D Consolidation, Revision and Pilot Application of the Rural Access Index (RAI) 16/07/2018 £600,000 Global / Inter-Regional 22 months Closed
UGA2150A Improving the resilience and quality of rural road infrastructure through landslide management and optimisation of road reserve use 30/07/2018 £250,000 Uganda 24 months Closed
MYA2153A Capacity Building for the Rural Road Research Centre in Myanmar 15/08/2018 £110,000 Myanmar 6 months Closed
AFG2155A Development of Guidelines, Standards and Technical Specifications for Low Volume Rural Roads (LVRR) in Afghanistan 27/08/2018 £210,000 Afghanistan 12 months Closed
RAF2147A Establishment of Centre for Sub-Saharan Transport Leadership (CSSTL) 03/09/2018 £500,000 Regional Africa 2 years Closed
PAK2156A Investigation into the Use of Qingqis as a Mode of Public Transport in Punjab Province 10/09/2018 £120,000 Pakistan 8 months Closed
MYA2118A Development of a Design Manual for Low Volume Rural Roads in Myanmar 24/09/2018 £170,000 Myanmar 12 months Closed
GEN2034B ReCAP Benefit Assessment System 19/11/2018 £190,000 Global / Inter-Regional 15 months Closed
SSD2164A Development and Support to the Implementation of a Strategy for the Establishment of a Road Research Centre in South Sudan 19/11/2018 £90,000 South Sudan 7 months Closed
AFG2159A Socio-Economic Impact Evaluation and Planning & Prioritisation Toolkit for Low Volume Rural Roads in Afghanistan 21/01/2019 £300,000 Afghanistan 56 weeks Closed
GEN2166B Development of a Rural Road Note (RRN) on Pavement Design Methods for Low Volume Rural Roads 11/03/2019 £220,000 General 12 months Closed
ETH2149A Technical Assistance for Rural Road Asset Management in Ethiopia 01/04/2019 £130,000 Ethiopia 10 months Closed
PAK2171A Development of a Rural Roads Planning and Prioritisation Model for the Punjab Province of Pakistan 17/04/2019 £170,000 Pakistan 10 months Closed
ZAM2097A Design, Construction Supervision and Baseline Monitoring of Trial Sections on Low Volume Sealed Roads in Western and Eastern Zambia 08/08/2016 £340,000 Zambia 2 years Closed
GEN2173A Scoping Study to Explore the Suitability of SDG Indicator 9.1.2 for Rural Access 26/06/2019 £50,000 General 6 months Closed
GEN2160A ReCAP Impact Case Study on Bangladesh and Ethiopia 08/07/2019 £100,000 Bangladesh 6 months Closed
KMN2140B Development and Pilot-Implementation of Distance Learning Modules on Rural Road Infrastructure and Transport Services related topics 21/08/2019 £50,000 Knowledge Management and Communication 9 months Closed
KMN2140B Development and pilot-implementation of distance learning modules on rural road infrastructure and transport services related topics     General   Closed
GEN2160B Request for Proposals for “ReCAP Impact Case Study on Bangladesh” 18/11/2019 £50,000 Bangladesh 6 months Closed
KMN2190A COVID-19 Response & Recovery Transport Research Fund 08/06/2020 £500,000 Knowledge Management and Communication 6 months Closed
KMN2192A Hosting the ReCAP Rural Access Library 21/09/2020 £0 Knowledge Management and Communication 0 Closed

Important notice on Unsolicited Proposals

ReCAP is a ground-up approach to research with proposals driven primarily from partner country governments. Unsolicited proposals may be considered by ReCAP on a case by case basis. There is however very limited funding for unsolicited proposals. In submitting unsolicited proposals the proposer grants to ReCAP and DFID a perpertual, world-wide, royalty fee, non-exclusive licence (including the right to sublicense) to use, adapt, modify and communicate the contents of the proposal in any manner it sees fit for the purposes of ReCAP. ReCAP reserves the right to utilise unsolicited proposals in any manner it sees fit, including, but not limited to incorporating into existing projects, tendering to the open market or developing concepts further to meet ReCAP requirements.

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