Safe and sustainable transport for rural communities
Safe and sustainable transport for rural communities

We are excited to launch the Rural Road Note  01: A Guide on the Application of Pavement Design Methods for Low Volume Rural Roads (LVRR). 

The Rural Road Note (RRN) provides guidance on pavement design methods used in the design of LVRR, ranging from earth roads through gravel surfacing to the various unbound, natural stone, bituminous, cement-based and clay brick surfacing and pavement layers. The RRN compiles the lessons learnt from the design, construction, supervision and monitoring of a range of pavement and surfacing types investigated under SEACAP in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam; AFCAP 1 and ReCAP programmes, together with the knowledge compiled from various related studies in Southern Africa and South-East Asia.

The RRN, prepared by TRL Ltd., is aimed at engineers, road managers and other practitioners involved with the planning and design of low volume rural roads in developing and emerging countries in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

A range of additional resources are at your disposal to learn more:

  • podcast on the Rural Road Note has been recorded by TRL to provide you with an overview of its purpose and content.
  • A training series consisting of seven modules is available on YouTube; the playlist can be accessed here.
  • The Rural Road Note can be downloaded from the ReCAP website.

Please do not hesitate to share these valuable resources in your networks.

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