Retention of Senior Experts' Knowledge

As a result of demand by the ReCAP community of practice regarding the need to capture the existing knowledge contained within a relatively small pool of very experienced (and ageing) rural transport experts, ReCAP commissioned a Knowledge Retention project to Transaid to produce a series of resources that do exactly that. The project sought to map, document and package the key tacit and explicit expertise of a selection of between 12 and 20 senior rural transport experts through a combination of desk research, an online survey and filmed interviews with the experts. The result is a number of resources that are put widely available and freely accessibly to rural transport research practitioners and anyone with an interest in the topic of Rural Access in developing and transition economies. 

Knowledge Resources:

The project delivered a number of key final resources available to the public:

  • A collection of films that span the themes of the ReCAP research strategy on Sustainable Rural Access, i.e. Access Provision, Access Preservation, and Access Services, along with the crosscutting themes Climate Change, Social Inclusion and Future Impact. 

  • An overview of knowledge, literature and knowledge gaps on the themes of the ReCAP research strategy.

  • Expert profiles of the participating experts

  • A knowledge map positioning the experts according to their specific fields of expertise along the themes of the ReCAP research strategies. 

The films can be accessed by clicking on the images in the figure below:

​Access Provision

​Access Preservation

​Access Services

Film 1: Introduction & Expert Biographies Film 3: Management of Rural Road InfrastructureFilm 5: Access to Rural Transport Services
Sen01.png Sen02.png
Film 2: Provision of Rural Access Infrastructure Film 4: Rural Network PlanningFilm 6: Road Safety and Rural Access
sen04.png sen05.png sen06.png

​Cross-cutting Issues

Film 7: Impact of Climate Change for Rural Access Film 8: Socially Inclusive Rural Access Film 9: Future Challenges for Rural Access
sen07.png sen08.pngsen09.png

In each video, experts highlight some examples of findings from their respective fields, and explain some challenges faced along the way. Snippets of this invaluable knowledge, in this form, help to drive aspiring transport experts towards larger, more extensive sources of information like ReCAP's Rural Access Library, and contribute to decisions made in terms of career direction and specialities. 

Participating experts: 

The following experts took part in the project and provided their knowledge and expertise:

Francis AFUKAAR: Transport and Road Safety Expert

Andreas BEUSCH: Capacity Development Expert in the Construction Sector

Jasper COOK: Consultant Engineering Geologist

Tyrell DUNCAN: Infrastructure Economist and Policy Adviser

Priyanthi FERNANDO: Gender and Transport Specialist

Tony GREENING: Transport Research Consultant

Joseph HAULE: Transport Economist

John HINE: Transport Economist

John HOWELL: Environmental Consultant and Bio-engineering Specialist

Dave JENNINGS: Training Engineer

Camilla LEMA: Transport Economist

Elidfadhili MGONJA: Transport Economist

Stephen NEWPORT: Transport Planner

Phil PAIGE-GREEN: Rural Road Construction Expert

Rob PETTS: Rural Transport Consultant

Nguyen THI MINH PHUONG: Rural Transport Expert

Mike PINARD: Low Volume Roads Technology Expert

Gina PORTER: Gender and Transport Specialist

Paul STARKEY: Consultant in Integrated Transport

Gary TAYLOR: Rural Road Specialist

Jeff TURNER: Gender and Transport Specialist