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The ReCAP Rural Access Library represents an integral part of the Partnership’s knowledge dissemination strategy. You will find knowledge and research generated by ReCAP, AFCAP1 and SEACAP  in this library. The library is free to access for anyone interested to find out more about rural access in Africa and Asia; you do not need a password or login.

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You can use the search engine below to define what outputs or documents you are looking for. You can search by country, theme, subtheme, key words, author, institution, year and by type of document. Please select your search preference from the drop-down menus. You can use more than one search entry to narrow your search. The following aspects will show for your search results: Title, Institution, Theme and sub-theme, Sub-title, Year and Abstract.  

Once your search results are displayed, you can download an item by clicking on the Download link in the second column. To see all metadata on the item please click on the Type icon (usually a pdf icon) in the first column​.

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Please follow this link for the Rural Access Library Policies.